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Building Automation Systems and Earning LEED Credits 

Building Automation System can help you earn credits towards LEED Existing Building certification.  Below is a list of BAS solutions and applicable LEED credits. For a more detailed discussion of the LEED credits and their respective point amounts click DESCRIPTION OF LEED EXISTING BUILDING CREDITS. 

  • Install a Building Automation System (EA 3.1)

  • Sensors throughout facility to monitor conditions, warn of repairs, and identify cost savings.

  • Real time energy usage to facilitate client billing, central HVAC optimization and achieve additional revenue by billing clients for after hours building use (EA 1, EA 2.1, EA 2.3, EA 3.1, EA 3.2)

  • CO2 sensors to create demand adjusted ventilation based on actual load rather than estimates (IEQ 1.1, IEQ 1.2)

  • Water meters to monitor usage and reduce the use of potable water (WE 1, WE 2, WE 4)

  • Alarms including temperature, vibration and other sensors to warn property managers of needed repairs to the building’s equipment

  • Air temperature, humidity, air speed and radiant temperature sensors (IEQ 2.3)

  • Sensors to recognize emissions and help discover reduction strategies (EA 6)

  • Website that gives occupants the ability to log complaints and identify maintenance issues.  As an added bonus the website can connect to occupants’ Outlook/Exchange calendars to determine conference room usage and allow for demand controlled heating and lighting (IEQ 2.1)

  • Lighting controls to create demand responsive lights and zone lighting (IEQ 2.2, SS 8)

  • HVAC controls including damper and vent controls, variable frequency drives, and variable air volume boxes to create additional zones and save on energy costs

  • Wireless mesh technology which will save copper wire (IO 1)

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