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Building Automation Systems 


While modern office buildings are equipped with Building Automation Systems (BAS) many older properties have been left behind ignoring cost reductions and possible LEED certification.  With our wireless mesh networks you can put your older properties on par with your newer buildings and take advantage of previously unavailable energy and cost savings. 

BAS and Earning Leed Credits

Leed Existing Building Credits

Government Grants and Building Automation Systems


Using a wireless mesh network to monitor and control previously unconnected HVAC, lighting, and water systems, provides numerous advantages:

  • Wireless technology would cut out the cost of expensive wiring and the risk of damage to the building

  • Mesh networks, where sensors pass along instructions according to the most efficient path, cuts down on the need for expensive WIFI access points

  • Mesh networks are self healing so if one sensor drops out, the system automatically reroutes the instruction and there is no break in service, unlike other technologies where one failure can bring down an entire network

  • Our sensors are low power and therefore require minimal maintenance

  • The sensors can be monitored and controlled remotely over the web and send updates to your property managers via email

  • Our networks are based on mesh technology as opposed to Master Slave Token Passing which has been used historically and leads to latency issues when connecting buildings wirelessly

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